Welcome to Ayman’s world of stories!

Are you a fantasy fan? A Sci-Fi fanatic? A bit of both?
Do you seek new adventures and mysteries? Intricate magic systems or uncharted worlds?
o you like to witness the growth of heroes, or the birth of superheroes?
Do you want stories that embody some or all of the above?

Then hang around with me, and I will have a story for you, or two—maybe even more.
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I’m in the middle of writing my first novel, and you can check my plan, to see all my current and future projects.
I will also begin publishing a mystery/fantasy serial on this blog soon, for free.

I’d be happy if you get involved and 
email me. I love interacting with readers (and it doesn’t have to be about MY stories). I’m huge fan of Michael J. Sullivan, Brandon Sanderson, and Steven Erikson.
So there you go, that is your conversation starter 😛

Hope to see you around!

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