How did it all start?

It all started on a rainy night…
Ayman was struck by a scene of his favorite birdie dying in its small cage.
He cried, but crying did not soothe his aching heart. Talking about it also did not help.

“Would it have lived if it was free?”, “Was it happy being inside a cage?”, these questions—and few others, started haunting him.

It was on that night that he picked up a pen, and started writing between snivels:
“Let me tell you a story of a bird in a small cage”.
He was only 9 years old, and it is through that pen that he managed to find a little peace of mind.

Growing up, the need to write—especially stories, have been escalating, unrelenting, and empowering.
He experimented writing various genres in his mother language Arabic; philanthropy, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, and many others.
In 2013, he started a journey of reading English literature for the first time, with the aim of building literally skills and much needed vocabulary set.

Ayman is working towards beings a full-time author writing in English—being a secondary language, knowing well how steep of a challenge that is.

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