Welcome to my lab and phase 1 of my plan =D
I’m on a long journey to build and share my stories, in which all of them do happen in the same universe—too shy to publicize its name yet.
The journey has started 2003, when I first started writing down the lore of my universe—ironically after watching a crappy magic anime (no, you don’t want to know which one :P).
I will hopefully spend an eternity expanding it, which is hinging on the immortality spell I’m developing with…err, OK. Anyway. Fingers crossed.

Below are all my fictional projects for phase 1. I got to Finish Em’ All!

These are not merely ‘ideas’. All of them have a rough outline,  main characters, and are interlinked with the overall lore of my universe.
Some are novellas, and most should be standalone novels.
I’ll discuss phase 2 when I’ve published few books and feel I’m ready for it—and they are ready too.

Current Projects


This is the first novel I’ve decided to finish.

A serial I plan to publish on my blog for free. It will follow the adventures of a homeless man—a lifestyle he chose with a smile.

Yet despite his aversion to people, he finds himself pulled into their affairs by coincidence… or is it?


A story about a group of people who change the world’s politics forever.

Future Projects


A dark epic fantasy story about a law enforcement officer who hates his society that turned lazy because of magic. He vows to do something about it, but he doesn’t know how…for now.

A sweet princess who doesn’t know how dark her future is…

A mystery/thriller story about three humans who died, but were given a chance to live again…

Inspired by my trip to Sri Lanka, it is a story about a happy-go boy, who aspires to be the best market guide in the world…but the most powerful man stands on his way to fulfill his innocent dream.

A story that explores a different spin on death.

Inspired by a conversation on reddit, a shy girl who is always alone at home… discovers a secret tunnel in her home’s basement…

Who built it? When? Where does it lead to? And will she has enough courage to step in?

Other Genres

A story about a girl who bumps into a rude guy on the street in her way to work, only to find out later that he is her new manager.

Sweet and bitter stories of couple of guys/gals who bump into each other around Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

On-Hold Projects


A story about a group of 3 crazy students who want to infiltrate FuAx, the largest robots company and richest enterprise in the world. A company shrouded in mystery, and headed by a CEO that no one knows.

In search of truth and glory, they aim to uncover the secrets of FuAx, little do they know what awaits them is far beyond their imagination.

A mystery/thriller story about a boy who is alone and locked-in the house. Worst, he cannot seem to leave and it scares him.

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